Afro Dance Vienna

Afro-Haitian dance courses in Vienna

Afro Dance Vienna


Step into the vibrant rhythm of Afro Haitian Dance in Vienna!


Elevate your dance experience with our exhilarating courses, where cultural fusion meets fitness innovation. Join us to unleash your inner groove, connect with the beat, and sculpt your body with every move. Ready to dance, sweat, and celebrate the joy of movement?


Join my Afro Dance Vienna today 😊!


See courses below.


Karine LaBel afro-haitianischer Tanz haitianischer afrikanischer Tanz afro dance wien

Afro dance courses at WUK

français | español | deutsch Afro dance courses – Haitian Style With Karine LaBel & live drummers Two courses Every wednesday at WUK for beginner and advanced Dances on Haiti symbolize the connection and cohesion between the elements of nature and the here and beyond. Karine LaBel gives an insight into the traditional afro-haitian dance […]

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Karine Label Afro Tanz Wien Skirt Dance

Afro Tanz im Ritmo Tropical

Afro-haitianischer Tanz Workshop im Ritmo Tropical SAM. 25.05.2024 von 15.00 – 16.30 Uhr 🇭🇹 mit live Trommler Skirt Dance – Traditionelle Afro-Karibische Bewegungskunst mit live Percussions. Mach mit! Tag und Zeit Sam. 25.05.2024 von 15.00 – 16.30 Uhr, all Level Preis Einzelticket € 22,- Anmeldung direkt bei mir per Email. Location Ritmo Tropical TanzstudioHirschengasse 141060

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